Insider Threat Statistics

News: In over 85% of Executive Advantage reports, our news and media research revealed significant information about the individual in question. In some cases, we found nearly 3,000 news articles for each subject reviewed.

Education: We found exaggerated or mis-stated credentials in the backgrounds of 30% of employees or prospective employees. These findings include: discrepant degrees, majors, honors, and/or attendance dates; and/or academic suspensions. On several occasions, our investigators uncovered “multiple offenses” by the same person.

Work History: In 38% of our reports, we found incongruous employment dates: employment gaps of at least 6 months; periods of unemployment not cited on the biography; jobs omitted from the biography, or job title inflation. Again, this includes several “multiple offenses” by the same person.

Credit: 10% of the sample group had credit histories showing credit issues and 6% revealed significant credit issues.

Tax Liens: 6% of our subjects were listed as debtors in tax liens in their name or for a company they owned.

Criminal Actions: 4% of our subjects had a minor criminal infraction on their record. 2% had a DUI.

Civil Lawsuits: 20% of subjects were named in civil lawsuits. Many of these were filed in jurisdictions where the subject DOES NOT currently live or work (we take litigation very seriously—the Executive Advantage report uses an individual’s entire address history to develop our searches, not just a current residence), including a $1.2 million dollar loan default.

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This is an analysis of our report findings from investigations done on current and prospective employees for our clients. It demonstrates the value of investigations in minimizing insider threats.